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What does the architect do and what are his functions?

The architect is a professional who is able to materialize ideas. To achieve this materialization in an organized manner, five stages can be addressed; Initiation, planning, execution, control and closure of the project. In addition to addressing knowledge in topics such as: conceptualization, urban-architectural design, technical-constructive design, city regulations and construction management. Therefore, for the provision of professional services in architecture, it is important that the professional has experience, knowledge and talent to solve problems with innovation in an integral way.

What does the architect's style represent?

In addition to the importance of integrity as a constant search of the professional. The development of its own style or architectural language represents its maturity and position towards architecture. His works represent imaginaries, external sources and preconceptions that are embodied in his products, all professionals have a different response to the situations and requirements raised, hence the innovative source of this profession.

All this capacity, knowledge and talent is embodied in the designs that he produces as a response to the exercise of his profession as social work of attention to the different interested agents, users and/or promoters. In other words, the architect is a professional who coordinates various variables to develop feasible, functional and efficient projects.

What is the classification of a professional in architecture?

At present, the professional in architecture is able to attend to and solve different project approaches. But there is a truth and it is that architecture as a discipline has different fields and approaches, some of them are determined by uses such as commercial, housing, institutional, among others and some in scale such as interior designer, urban planner, also in the development of and intervention in the works as is the resident. inspector, supervisor, director.

Ideally, the professional should have general and comprehensive knowledge of all the processes that derive from their activity, including some connections that occur in other disciplines such as legal activities, engineering, among others. Comprehensiveness and good practices are achieved through experience, which in the case of architecture professionals, it is best to have knowledge of most of them.

What does a construction manager do?

The construction manager is a professional in charge of directing the activities that are responsible for materializing a project. This professional must have knowledge given not only by the study but by experience, to direct a work it is necessary to have skills for personnel management, financial analysis, construction processes and be ready to answer questions and problems that arise in construction, the director de obras presents himself as a leader who leads the workers to form a project and bring it to reality.

What does an urban planner do?

A professional specialized in urban planning is capable of generating city projects, comprehensive interventions for the urban development of territories, whether rural or urban. The urban design professional has knowledge in planning, analysis, and city management. Likewise, it must be able to generate projects interrelated with universal accessibility design regulations and technical standards for public space, therefore the approach is large-scale as a complement to the connection and articulation of architectural projects as part of a territory and city, taking into account that currently all intervention in space has a normative regulation that binds it to the territory in which it operates.

How do we differ?

We are a team of professionals led by the architect Javier Arévalo, graduated in 2010 from the Universidad Catolica of Colombia, recognized with a postgraduate scholarship for his academic excellence as 1st place in ECAES (Evaluation of professionals) in architecture in 2010 and 6th ranked in the decile at the national level, ex-grantee Specialist in Construction Management (2013) and Specialist in Urban Design from Universidad Jorge tadel Lozano - Bogota (2022).

With skills as a professional draftsman in architecture, designer architect in different main sectors, project structuring, work experience as a consultant, resident, auditor, works execution director and business manager.

“We are in the constant search for the integrality of our discipline and the consolidation of our own style”.

For us it is very pleasant to have your visit to our site, we hope to be able to offer our capabilities at your service.

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